Hebbuli Action Blockbuster Hindi Dubbed Movie

The story begins with Captain Ram performing a rescue operation rescuing 3 doctors including Dr. Nandini. Nandini falls in love with him but is not able to express it. Meanwhile, another doctor named Sundara has a crush on Nandini. One night Ram receives a letter stating his brother IAS officer Sathyamoorthy is dead. He arrives at Bangalore and then searches for clues because the view was of suicide but Ram believes it is a murder. He is right and how he solves the case and kills his brother's killers is the epic climax of this epic movie.

It is mixture of Action, Crime&Gangster. So watch best movie streaming sites here with Bollyflix.

Year of Release Date – 23 February 2017 

Star Cast – Sudeep, Amala Paul, V. Ravichandran, P. Ravi Shankar, Kabir Duhan Singh, Ravi Kishan

Director – S. Krishna

Producer – Raghunath, Umapathy Srinivas

Cinematographer – A. Karunakar

Music Director – Arjun Janya

Story – S. Krishna

Edited by – Deepu S. Kumar

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