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The film opens two years after the events of the first film, with Anitha Constructions Civil Engineer Raghuvaran (Dhanush) winning the Civil Engineer of the Year 2016 Award and is an executive member of his company now, along with a parking spot. His wife Dr. Shalini (Amala Paul) becomes an authoritative, nagging wife who controls him. She has resigned her job to take care of the household, after marriage. Raghuvaran is also dismissive about his wife getting another job. Raghuvaran efficiently completes construction projects assigned to him, with the help of about 200 unemployed young civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, who are his friends. Vasundhara (Kajol), a chairman of a big construction company in South India, Vasundhara Constructions, witness the announcement of Raghuvaran's victory at the Engineer of the Year 2016 Awards and finds out about him. She makes Raghuvaran a job offer, but he humbly refuses, having been interested in creating his own construction company, VIP Constructions.

Later, Raghuvaran's project team and Vasundhara's top team are invited at the same time to exhibit their models for a proposed private medical college and hospital building to a very rich and native trader. Vasundhara exhibits her project with heavy pride and ego, while Raghuvaran explains his project in a simple manner. The trader gives the project to Anitha Constructions. Raghuvaran provides some polite advice to Vasundhara outside the building. This offends her, and she begins to go after him, placing one obstacle after another. First, she uses her influence in the state cabinet to force the trader to give the project back to her. She then makes counter-bids to all of Anitha Construction's projects at a lower price, causing the company to lose its own projects. Raghuvaran learns of this and quits his own job just to save his first company.

He is approached by the son of a Delhi-based construction mogul, with an idea of starting a new construction company with 50-50 shares. Raghuvaran agrees by putting his house under a mortgage of five million Rs and starts "VIP" Constructions with the 200 unemployed engineers as the company's employees. They don't get to start projects for a month. Due to a word of mouth, they get an offer from Prakash (Saravana Subbiah), a greedy businessman who wants to build a theme park in marshy land. Raghuvaran's gang gets excited, but the soil tests prove them wrong. So, they decline the project. Prakash bribes an executive member of Vasundhara Constructions and makes her start on the same project. Raghuvaran's team starts a protest, and a statewide uproar causes the project to be stopped by the government. Prakash is caught up between various lawsuits filed across the state. This causes a bad name and a loss of projects to Vasundhara Constructions. To eliminate Raghuvaran, she targets his company. She anonymously buys the 50% shares held by Raghuvaran, when it is legally up for sale to create funds. Raghuvaran is fired from VIP Constructions by Vasundhara, causing the employees to quit their own jobs immediately.

That night, Prakash sends goons to kill Raghuvaran, but Raghuvaran beats them all up. He thinks that Vasundhara had sent them and goes to her office room in her company's main headquarters building. Vasundhara is alone in the building, as she is currently thinking about the loyalty of all the employees of VIP Constructions towards Raghuvaran. Raghuvaran initially berates, then advises Vasundhara, and starts to leave. Unfortunately, the office is flooded due to heavy downpour, and they are trapped on their floor. They then cooperate to find biscuits and wine on the top floor. Due to their conversation, Vasundhara understands her mistakes and becomes friends with Raghuvaran. The next morning, Raghuvaran brings Vasundhara to his home to introduce her to his family, while both come to a deal to no longer quarrel with each other, to be business partners, and run VIP Constructions together.

Directed by - Soundarya Rajinikanth
Produced by - S. Thanu
Screenplay by - Soundarya Rajinikanth
Story by Dhanush, Starring - Dhanush
Kajol, Amala Paul
Vivek, Hrishikesh, Samuthirakani, Saranya Ponvannan
Music by Original songs: - Sean Roldan, Score: Sean Roldan, Anirudh Ravichander (reused tracks from Velaiilla Pattadhari)
Cinematography - Sameer Thahir
Edited by - Prasanna GK
Production company - Wunderbar Films
Distributed by - Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Release date - 11 August 2017

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