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Basant Kaur wrote an autobiography novel titled as “Daana Paani”. Some reporters approached her for an interview and hence she started narrating her story.

When she was young she had a very happy family. One day, her father got bitten by a snake while saving his brother and died instantly. Her father's death brought many problems and difficulties for her and her mother. Her aunts began to mistreat them. After watching this her maternal grandfather took his daughter (Basant's mother) back to his home and decided to marry her off again. Basant's grandfather made a condition to them that Basant will live at her paternal home and not with her mother. Panchayat agreed with them and gave permission to marry Basant's mother again and separated her from Basant. Also, for their relation allowed her to visit her mother once in 6 months.

Her mother was married in the village Khiwa. After six months, Basant's aunt taught her to say that she doesn't want to meet her mother. Therefore, she couldn't meet her mother and was separated from her forever. After some time, her grandfather thought he should marry her off as well as he could die anytime and can't trust his family members to take care of her after him. And coincidentally, she is married to Mehtaab Singh in a village where her inlaws will be neighbours to her mother. It instilled a hope in her that she will meet her mother again and she was happy to get married there. And when she would grow up they would send her there.

After many years, there were two Mehtaab Singh's in army also the names of their villages were also same. One of them was whom to Basant Kaur was married dies during war with China. And other Mehtaab Singh was sent to first one's house to get Basant Kaur's signature for army work. And from his home he learnt that Muklawa had yet to come and yet she lives in her village Ahlowal. And he then goes to Ahlowal, there he met Basant but his internet is still unknown in the village as Basant's cousin asks him to keep the death a secret as there is a wedding in the family.

He gets mistaken for Basant's husband Mehtaab and cousin brother requests him to pretend so that his Basant can finally have some happiness in her life. While, on other hand, Basant’s aunt asks Mehtaab to marry Basant and he unwillingly agrees. But when marriage was supposed to happen Bheem Singh saw it and tells the truth to other family members. All this leads to chaos and Basant's uncles trying to kill Mehtaab but however Basant’s cousin Bahadur Singh convinces everyone on behalf of Basant’s life and what has happened to her in whole life and he succeeds. Basant is married to Mehtaab Singh.

In next scene, Mehtaab and Basant come to Kheewa, Mehtaab's village and when the door opens it is the Basant's mother who is performing the rituals, Basant identifies her and both reconcile after a long time. Later, Basant lives with her mother for the rest of her life, she has a daughter named Seerat who is in Canada and Mehtaab also died a year earlier who inspired her to write an auto-biography. Basant died with a heart attack while narrating the story and meets her parents at heaven

Directed by - Tarnvir Singh Jagpal
Written by - Jass Grewal
Screenplay by - Jass Grewal
Story by - Jass Grewal
Starring - Jimmy Sheirgill, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nirmal Rishi, Kanika Mann, Tarsem Jassar
Narrated by - Nirmal Rishi
Music by - Jaidev Kumar
Cinematography - Ravi Kumar sana
Edited by - Manish More
Production companies - Nanokey Studios, GK Entertainment, Cam Art Films
Distributed by - Omjee Group
Release date - 4 May 2018

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