Kala shah kala full punjabi movie by binnu dhillon

An old woman ‘Nindro Bhua’, who works as a matchmaker, is admitted to hospital for overnight recovery. She regains consciousness later that evening, she tells her nurse that she arranged her father’s marriage amongst hundreds of others. To the pleasure of a number of hospital staff, she narrates the story Pammi and Lovely (nicknamed 'Naag').

Lovely has very dark skin and nobody is willing to marry him because of his appearance. His marriage proposals are denied every time. Pammi, on other hand, is a beautiful girl, yet somehow she is also not getting married. So Nindro Bhua send a proposal for their marriage and their marriage is fixed. But Pammi is not willing to do this marriage as she loves Jaggi, a guy who lives in her village at his relatives.

After marriage to get rid Pammi started acting that she is hosted by a ghost. Lovely and his whole family started scaring of her. They also approached the superstitiouses. One day, Lovely is not affected by her acting as he's drunken and she discloses her lie and that she loves Jaggi and was forced to marry him. Lovely agreed to meet her with Jaggi. Nindro Bhua convinced them to wait till Paal’s marriage otherwise it would affect his marriage. In this time Lovely started blushing on Pammi so she didn't marry Jaggi.

In Paal’s marriage Jaggi is trying to convince all Pammi’s family members by taking care of them and doing works in marriage. Lovely’s friends asked to work work hard to keep her or he would lost her to Jaggi. And then he washing utensils, cutting vegetables and logs. In between this Pammi and Jaggi fought each other and Jaggi went away but Lovely asked them to meet again to see her happiness. And Pammi and Jaggi both decided to leave after Paal’s marriage. Next day, at railway station Lovely and his friends are heading to their village while Pammi and Jaggi are heading to Chandigarh but at last moment she denied Jaggi and came back to Lovely.

Directed by - Amarjit Singh
Produced by - Achal kaushal, Navaniat Singh, Binnu Dhillon, Karan Soni
Written by - Amarjit Singh
Starring - Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Jordan Sandhu, Karamjit Anmol
Music by - Bunty Bains, Jaidev Kumar, Jaggi Singh, Jatinder Shah
Cinematography - Ravi Kumar Sana
Edited by - Rohit Dhiman
Production companies - Infantry Pictures, Naughty Men Productions
Distributed by - Zee Studios
Release date - 14 February 2019 

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