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Enjoy Latest Hollywood Hindi Full Movies Super hit children's Great Action Comedy Adventure Animation movie The Stolen Princess is a latest dubbed Hindi version of Superhit Hollywood English Film The Stolen Princess Starring: Ruslan, Mila & Chornomor. Director: Oleg Malamuzh Screenplay: Yaroslav Voitseshek Music: Dario Vero Producer: Egor Olesov Synopsis: Two Sorcerers Have An Intense Magical Duel In Favor Of Saving Finn's Beloved Wife Nina. Finn Gains The Upper Hand At First But Is Defeated By Shernomore And He Loses All Of His Magic Powers And Youth. Nina Is Transformed Into A Stone Statue. In The Present Day Ruslan Dreams Of Becoming A Knight. In The Castle Lives An Adventurous And Kind Princess Named Mila. She Is Bored With Her Life And Her Overprotective Father. One Night She Sneaks Out And Is Almost Harassed By Two Gangsters Until Ruslan Arrives. He Saves Mila From Them And They Escape. The Next Day They Develop Their Feelings For Each Other. Unfortunately Much To Ruslan's Surprise And Horror Mila Is Kidnapped Via A Tornado By Shernomore. When He Regains Consciousness He Is Confronted By The King Who Mistakenly Accuses Him Of Abducting The Princess. Ruslan Tries To Tell The Truth But No One Believes Him. Realising Shernomore Is Real He Consults Lester And They Set Off To The Cave Where A Wise Cat Lives. The Cat Tells Ruslan That Every Century Shernomore Abducts A Princess Who Is In Love And Uses The Power Of Her Love To Replenish His Magical Powers. Many Have Set Out To Defeat Him But All Have Perished. The Two Ask For Help On Where To Find Mila So He Reveals To Them A Magic Vortex Where They Discover A Magical Place And He Gives Them A Pea Pod As A "Gift". When They Reached A Cliff A Hamster Suddenly Steals The Pod And They Pursue It. But They Realise That They Are Supposed To Give It To Him And Unlock A Bridge Built From A Dragon's Skeleton. Meanwhile At Shernomore's Castle Mila Awakens In A Bed And Encounters Shernomore Who Informs Her Of His Plans To Turn Her To Stone. She Tries To Escape Using The Wizard's Magical Hat That Makes The User Invisible. Despite Shernomore Casting A Spell That Makes All Of The Desserts In His Castle Come Alive And Attack Mila. She Manages To Defeat Them. She Discovers The Other Princesses Who Were Kidnapped By Him And Turned Into Stone. When Ruslan And Lester Arrive At The Cave They Meet Finn. But Due To Him Having No Contact With The Outside World For Too Long He Is Too Paranoid To Communicate With. With The Help Of Ruslan's Plan They Pretend To Be "Wizards" Who Are Casting A "Spell" To Lure Him Down. Finn Believing That His Powers Are Restored Tries To Stop Them. Ruslan And The Gang Pretend To Be Dead Only For Them To Contain Finn. When They Get Him Ruslan Asks Where To Find Shernomore And How To Stop Him Finn Tells Them That His Castle Is Made Of Spiky Rocks And The Source Of His Power Is In His Beard Asking Him To Cut It Off But No One Was Able To Do That. And He Tells Ruslan That He Needs A Magic Sword In Order To Do That. After Asking For The Directions On Where To Find The Sword They Locate It But It Is Guarded By An Army Of Skeletons And The Animated Head Of A Decapitated Giant. The Giant Challenges Ruslan In Exchange For The Armor And Sword But Ruslan Manages To Defeat All Of Them And They Go To Shernomore's Castle. When They Get To The Castle They Split Up To Find Mila. Ruslan Finds Mila In A Different Outfit And Appearance And She Tells Him That She Does Not Need Rescuing For She Is Happy At This Place. This Breaks Ruslan's Heart. Feeling Down He Slowly Leaves The Place. Suddenly A Giant Monster Attacks Them. Lester Tries To Convince Ruslan To Fight But He's Too Heartbroken To Do So. Their Bird Gets Mila's Pendant And Makes Ruslan Realise That He Is Being Deceived By Shernomore And He Gains The Courage To Fight The Monster. After Defeating The Monster They Go To The Place Where Mila Is Kept And Ruslan And Shernomore Who Transforms Into A Dragon Engage In An Intense Duel. Ruslan Is Defeated At First But Manages To Incapacitate Shernomore By Cutting His Beard. Shernomore Loses His Powers And The Stone Statues And Finn Turn Back To Normal. Ruslan Tries To Escape With Mila But They Are Trapped In The Force Field The Same Way As Finn Did Before. Ruslan Sacrifices Himself By Pushing Mila Out Of The Trap Leaving Him Incapacitated. Mila And Lester Tries To Save Him But Is Interrupted By The Three Knights Resulting In Ruslan's Soul Being Zapped From Him And Leaving Him Lifeless. Enraged Mila Fights The Three Knights And Defeats Them All. Mila Mourns For The Apparent Death Of Ruslan And Says That She Loves Him So Much. A Now-rejuvenated Finn Appears And Brings Back Ruslan's Life. The Two Reunite Including Lester And Finn And Nina Reunite As Well. Ruslan Confesses That He Is Not A Real Knight But Mila Accepts This. She Tells Him She Still Loves Him No Matter What. Finn Conjures Up A Fireworks Display And They All Live Happily Ever After.

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