Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit 2020

A rabbit named Tu'er has an occupation of cooking pancakes in Beijing. The rabbit is trained by a monkey kung fu master named Laoguanzhu, so he can defeat the master's enemy, a panda named Xiongtianba, who is later revealed that he is a bear. Tu'er surprised at this discovery, confronts Laoguanzhu about the events that occurred. Furious at his accusations Laoguanzhu begins to enlarge until he becomes a giant and then devours Tu'er.

Directed by - Sun Yijun
Produced by - Dong Fachang, Xue Jiajing, Jiang Ping, Zhou Chao
Screenplay by - Zou Jingzhi, Zou Han
Starring - Chinese Dub:Fan Wei, Yan Ni, Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Yishan, Pu Cunxin
English Dub: Jon Heder, Tom Arnold, Rebecca Black, Michael Clarke Duncan, Claire Geare
Music by Peter Kam
Distributed by - Lionsgate (USA) CDF Pictures (EU)
Release date - July 11, 2011 

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